Meet Jeremy: A piece of NYC in CDMX

Así como yo, seguro hay muchos de ustedes mexicanos que han vivido en NYC y han regresado a México pero extrañan un poco de esa vibra de la Gran Manzana. Al revés de nosotros, Jeremy, nacido en Carolina del Sur, llegó a nuestro país hace dos años dispuesto a conquistarlo todo. Pasó los últimos 11 años viviendo en Nueva York, estudiando música, trabajando y perfeccionando su técnica en Indoor Cycling y nos cuenta sobre su vida en CDMX y lo que dejó atrás.

Master Instructor de Síclo, Jeremy a sus 38 años de edad, con pasión, profesionalismo e increíble gusto musical hace que 45 minutos en el estudio se conviertan en la mejor terapia para tu mente, cuerpo y alma. Britney Spears es su guilty pleasure y Whitney Houston el amor de su vida. Él es Jeremy, alguien que lo que más ama de la vida es vivir. 

Tomar una clase con él debería ser, definitivamente, una palomita en la bucket list de cualquier mexicano que extraña Nueva York.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body".

Inside Jeremy

Can you tell us a little bit about your childhood, where were you born and raised and where did you study to be a trainer, as well as your music background?

I was born in South Carolina. Very close to the border of North Carolina. My hometown is called Clover SC. Which is a suburb of Charlotte NC. Only a population of 3000 people or so when I was growing up. After completing high school, I went to the University of South Carolina and studied Music Performance. In 2003 I moved to New York City and studied Musical Theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan. After graduating from AMDA in 2004 I started working in musical theatre in and around NYC Doing productions of such show as CATS (I was a pit singer, then I played the role of Old Deuteronomy, and Gus the theatre cat) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (I was one of Joseph's brothers, Ruban). I also worked for a few cruise lines, one dinner cruise line based in Manhattan, then I left NYC for a few months to work on a British Cruise line that was based in the Caribbean. I started my fitness career in 2010 taking courses in group fitness and private training in Manhattan, while still pursing my theatre singing career

Where did you use to teach in NYC (area) and how was your experience?

I started working at SoulCycle in 2010. I started in customer service in August of 2010. Then I was invited after one month of working at the front desk to audition as an instructor. I taught my first class during Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2010. I taught the first 6am scheduled class in the Union Square location when it opened in Feb 2011. I had a difficult first year of teaching so much that in December 2011 I had handed in a letter of resignation to the owner, my Instructor coordinator and the human resource manager. My master trainer at the time convinced me to stay a little while longer, and I didn't have my first sold out class until well into my first year. New Years Eve was my first sold out class. I'll never forget it. It was a Saturday afternoon at 1pm in Tribeca which became my studio. Some weeks I would teach as many as 12 or 13  classes per week just in Tribeca. At the same time I was building my career at SoulCycle , I started working at a Russian Restaurant/ Dance Club in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. And by Spring 2012 I was given a full time instructor position at SoulCycle, something I worked very hard for. During the Summer 2012 I would teach as many as 17 classes per week, then sing late at night for a group of Russian Speaking immigrants shakin' everything for the Russian mamas and grandmas until 2am some nights. I was extremely exhausted that summer. But it was worth it. That's when I really sharpened my instructor skills and learned to teach under the most difficult circumstances even when I'm extremely tired. By Jan. 2013 I gave up my night time gig, and I was only teaching at SoulCycle. Only occasionally doing performing duties on Weekends at really hight end weddings in Long Island. In the Fall of 2014 I was introduced to the concept of Siclo by Alejandro Ramos. After several weeks of deciding and a trip to Mexico City that lasted on 36 hours, I decided to move here in December 2014 with the title of Master Instructor and I begin helping to build Siclo. 

Do you notice any difference between NY students and a Mexican ones? (regarding discipline, attitude, strength, habits, etc) 

There are numerous differences and similarities regarding NYC and Mexico City. Similarities: both cities seem to become very allegiant to the respected brand (Soulcycle, Síclo) respectively. Both have very passionate riders. And my music selection and style hasn't changed much to my surprise.  When the first studio opened in late June of 2015 I was completely surprised that I become as "in demand" as an instructor as I did. I think the location had a lot to do with it. Santa Fe is very influenced by the US. And maybe had we opened in another part of the city first, we wouldn't have had the same impact. Differences: Mexicans are much more free spirited in the fact that in NYC riders would show up 30 minutes before class check in prep, and make certain they were prepared for class. I can walk into the studio 10 minutes before my SOLD OUT class in Mexico and maybe 2 people are there. Then after my 1st song once class has started half the class walks in late. That took some getting used to. But in the last 2 years Mexico has challenged me to be a little more flexible and I'd like to think my presence has made them a little more punctual at least for my class lol. I've watched the quality of riding improve immensely over the last 2 years. Taking into consideration that Síclo really is the first successful boutique fitness brand in Mexico City. We had a big responsibility to do things right in a safe way. Overall the instincts for exercise that are naturally present in big fitness markets like NYC, L.A. and Miami, are newer and being developed here in Mexico City. The challenge of communicating this has made me a better communicator and observer of what's going on in my class. Now I feel many of my riders can ride and shine in anyone class anywhere in the world. New Yorkers are more planners, they like to sign up for all of their classes for the upcoming week all at once, Mexicans are more used to taking everything day by day. Both ways are cool. You might see that on Thursday you have 10 people signed up for your 7am class on Friday. But by Friday at 6am it's full.  It's much more relaxed not so tense way of doing things in Mexico. 

Síclo Park

Síclo Park

What is the thing that you miss the most about living in NYC?

I really miss my friends in New York. I've not made many friends here, mostly because my whole life has been poured into Síclo I don't have time for much else. I miss working out at Equinox, it's the best gym chain in the world! I miss the iconic things about NYC. The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The World Trade Center, just being an American. It hasn't been easy. I meet the ability to meet almost anyone from anywhere in the world. I miss not standing out, there aren't many people like me in Mexico City. I guess I miss the anonymity  Many people here in Mexico know me, but I don't know many of them, if you understand what I mean. But it could be worst, no one could know you, or even care less who you are lol. I miss going to Whole Foods supermarket. You can find good healthy food on any street corner in NYC. Here you have Ojo de Agua. Not much else like that. I miss theatre, the shows, the entertainment. And PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I never thought I'd miss the subway system so much. But I love taking it when I go home to visit.  

Can you give me one reason that would make you decide to teach in Mexico instead of the US?

Simply it was the ability to create something for scratch and watch it grow, and hopefully I can look back and say I had a significant part in helping it become a success. I don't like to overstate my contribution to the success of Siclo, and whenever people say one thing or another I appreciate their kindness, but I know that there were numerous of Soulcycle instructor who may have been able to come here and help make Siclo a success. But I was the one that took the gamble. And in a way it's my baby and no matter what happens in the future nothing will change that. I wanted to create a situation to have a family and feel comfortable doing so. It would have taken many more years for that to occur at Soulcycle. All of their master instructors were at the time several years older than I was. I really want children, most of all I want a son :)

Favorite venue to teach Siclo in CDMX.

Virreyes is probably my favorite at the moment although I think of Masaryk as my baby. I like both of those studios. 

Are you vegan? ( I read about your pancakes) 

No I eat poultry and Fish. 

Favorite mexican food.

Tortilla Soup

5 foods that you can't live without in order to be fit and healthy.





Sweet Potatoes

Describe your perfect playlist in 5 songs.

Well I'll Tell you my favorite Artist to play are: Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jay-Z or Kanye West and probably David Guetta. The songs people associate most with me are: They Don't Care About Us Michael Jackson (Deeply Personal song for me), I Believe by R. Kelly (Also Deeply Personal for me), Stronger Britney Spears (so much energy in that song, and it's hard despite being a Britney Spears song), I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) Whitney Houston. (LIfe long favorite, I remember hearing it for the first time at age 7), Oh My Love Chris Brown. (Technically there is no other song like it) It's probably my most played song. All of these songs were in the playlist of my final class in NYC. 

How many hours a week do you train Siclo?

I teach between 12-16 classes per week. Depends on how much subbing I have to do that particular week. Lately I've been very busy. 

Your top 5 places to go in CDMX.

My apartment

The mall

The gym

San Angel Inn


Where do you live in CDMX? 

I've lived in Santa Fe since I moved here

Are you single? (you have a lot of fans who would want to know)

I have a girlfriend (Although I'm sure most of the people in Mexico who know me know that) lol. There aren't many secrets here. 


NYC will always be home. It's where I developed all my survival skills. It was the first time I lived on my own. I was totally by myself and it gave me my strength. Frank Sinatra told the truth, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! 

Brooklyn or Manhattan?


Tacos or Bagels?


Beer or mezcal?


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